Pearl Jam closing party

The museum said farewell to the Pearl Jam: Home and Away exhibit with a screening of one of their 2018 Home Shows, recorded a few miles away at Safeco Field (now T-Mobile Park).

Adhering to the existing exhibit branding to build off the brand equity the band and exhibit built while the exhibit was live, I designed promotional materials (email, social graphics, and digital and print signage that was around Seattle Center) as well as signage that was used during the night of the event.


Design (digital promotion and print signage)


Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch


April 2023

Sky Church mega-screen with a large-scale sign promoting membership

The mega-screen (33' x 60' LED) in the central area of the museum. Before the screening, an assortment of signage I designed moved through the screens throughout the event space.

Photo by Jim Bennett.

On-screen signage using the Pearl Jam exhibit branding

Additional digital signs that use the the exhibit branding. I also designed some placeholder template files in case of an inevitable last-minute speaker change or addition to the program.

Print cards with prompts like, 'My favorite memory of Pearl Jam is...' that fans wrote on before the screening began.

A print activation that fans could engage with before the concert screening began.

Only half an hour into the event and I had to hustle to our work space and print, cut, and deliver a few hundred more as the initial printed amount was running low due to popularity with those in attendance.

Photo by Jim Bennett.


A fan writing on the print activation at the event.

Photo by Jim Bennett.

One of the many 22" x 28" signs that I designed, printed, cut, and delivered for the party.