City Year Los Angeles board book

City Year L.A. needed a comprehensive document that their influential board members could refer to throughout the service year. This book provides information about the organization’s national scope, and then hones in on City Year L.A.’s local service, impact, and events.

The book began as a discombobulated compilation of many documents. After getting the bones of the content together, however, we were able to better organize the information (moving from a broad national scope to the local landsape) and remove repetitive content.

I created consistent typographic rules and used an underlying grid to help pull the 48-page book together into a cohesive document. After multiple rounds of drafts and a print run, it was later provided as a starting template for other sites to create similar pieces.


Layout design


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


Fall 2018

Spread from the board book

Each section of the book was assigned a different brand color (used in the upper left triangular section header, a thin strip on the right side of the spread, and in text that needed visual differentiation).

Infographic from the board book
Infographic from the board book

Many of the sections were statistics-heavy to demonstrate the value of the organization. Depending on the context, I paired icons from our icon library with the selected data points.

Spread from the board book

Another spread showing the twelve-column grid and various paragraph styles to differentiate the types of information.

Back cover of the board book

The back cover of the 48-page book showcasing the California AmeriCorps logo and a testimonial from a City Year alum.