Email marketing

One of my biggest goals while at the Museum of Pop Culture was to infuse animation wherever possible in email marketing. The greatest challenge with wanting to include eye-catching graphics and gifs is balancing the weight of the email (How big are the filesizes of the images? How many images are included? Are there different versions for mobile and desktop?) with the punch of the graphics. I worked closely with our Email Marketing Automation Manager to find solutions that helped the graphics feel like an intentional part of the entire email.


Sole designer, motion graphics designer


Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


June 2022–May 2023

New Year's animation using pop culture icons and a muted color palette with slight animation. Tied in visually to the print card that I designed, printed, and cut.

Part of an email campaign that that triggers when a membership is about to expire. One of our goals with this was to introduce animation and be more image-heavy than copy-heavy.

Fall Preview campaign emails leaned into an image of the museum that blended into the background color of the email. This visual treatment (along with the type) was used on the event landing page and event signage as well.

The campaign for the 2022 year-end appeal leaned into a ‘top secret’ theme (redaction, typewriter ‘missions,’ manilla envelope imagery) and was used in print pieces as well.