Genexa commercials

This client first approached our studio team with the task of creating static demand-side platform (DSP) ads. We saw an opportunity to add value with this client by expanding our service offering as a team to include custom video ads to tie into their static campaign. I started by spearheading the Sponsored Brands video (SBv) placement and starting from the basics with storyboards, drawing from their existing video footage, custom illustrations, and stock footage for two of their products.

Because the client was happy with our initial work, they trusted us to then tackle the 15s and 30s ad spots on streaming platforms (STV ads), and eventually also ran them nationally on commercial TV.


Lead designer, motion design, storyboarding, voiceover


After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator


June 2021–June 2022

30 second video focusing on their Antacid product. Uses a general framework that we designed so that we could produce a series of six video ads, each focusing on a different product.

Billboard at Seattle Center promoting the Hidden Worlds exhibit

Video ads worked in tandem with re-designed above the fold images on Amazon listings. Other design work we did for the client includes a series of Sponsored Brands video, display ads, and a refreshed Amazon Brand store.