ACURE commercial

My team was presented with the opportunity to run ads in an Amazon beta, but the problem was that the client did not have any existing video creative that they could run, nor did they have an in-house creative team. While the GO team did not shoot any footage due to lack of studio space and COVID safety reasons, we were provided with a limited selection of photography and existing footage.

To meet our stretch goal of a turnaround faster than what our usual workflow would allow for, we poured more time upfront into the script and written storyboard stage, which allowed us to skip over the visual storyboard stage and jump into production. Because we had their buy-in from the script and written storyboard, the first rough cut we presented was met with glowing reviews.


Motion design, storyboarding, voiceover


After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere


March 2022


Scripting and storyboarding collaboration with Juan Nolazco

Mixing and mastering by Pete Maple

30 second video: ran in an Amazon beta ad spot (included shoppable links) on Amazon owned and operated streaming services, beginning in April 2022.

15 second video cutdown.

Billboard at Seattle Center promoting the Hidden Worlds exhibit

Video ads worked in tandem with re-designed above the fold images on Amazon listings. Images designed by Nicole Freeman.