Pop Culture Connections: An Artist Workshop Series

To promote a new series of events that we hadn’t hosted before, I was tasked with creating a visual template that could be iterated on for numerous workshops in the series. This campaign had a very quick turnaround, so we changed our typical process to expedite the rounds of review.

The system I designed allowed for photographs of the workshop teacher’s art to take center stage and to still feel unified as a series that could be added to as future workshops were added.


Sole designer, handlettering


Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign


March 2023

Screenshot of the landing page for the workshop series

The series landing page starts with a hero image that displays a photo of the venue with the workshop series logotype overlaid. Further down on the page are more details about each of the individual workshops.

Draft iterations of one of the workshop series.

A number of email assets designed for different contexts—the small ones with no title text were for mobile and desktop newsletter inclusions that would be accompanied by title and body copy.

Blog image example

A mockup of the museum’s blog page.

Artist workshop series Instagram post (for 'Making Art with Refurbished Materials')
Artist workshop series Instagram post (for 'Emotional Outlet Using Color and Shapes')

The first two of workshops of the series.

Each series was assigned a bright brand color (often from our secondary and tertiary palette) and a photo highlighting the type of art that would be created at the workshop, courtesy of the resident teacher.